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Get listed and start saving

Join LetsBookRooms for FREE and be part of something that is set to change booking accommodation online. Any booking made via this site will be 100% commission free!

Customers that click on your listing will be directed straight to your website, or they can contact you by telephone, e-mail or book online using your chosen booking engine.

Every booking you get as a result of someone visiting LetsBookRooms could be saving you 15% commission. That's money to support your business. And as it's currently FREE to join LetsBookRooms, that's an even greater saving for your business.

Even if it only reduces your commission bill by 25%, how much would that be? Follow the actions on and we are convinced you will see a marked change in the commission you pay without a reduction in bookings. 

Sign up and list today, you have nothing to lose.

Just 3 simple steps to register and get listed

  1. Register now free-of-charge to create an adminstrator account.
  2. You will receive an account activation email. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your administrator account.
  3. You can now log in and add your establishment. If you own multiple establishments they too can be added to the portal and managed through the same administrator account. After submitting your listing it will be validated by a member of the LetsBookRooms team and made live within 48 hours.

Before registering please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions